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Features for your success

Individual Quick Selection

  • For all non-scannable items you can create an individual quick selection with texts, colors and pictures in different levels. Article combinations in bundles, like a gift basket, are also possible. The checkouts can be equipped individually or be controlled completely by a central server.

Mixed Shopping Cart

  • In the merchandise stores your customers can buy during a single payment process their ticket for the match and the fan merchandising.

Cashless Payment

  • Your customers and fans can pay with all credit cards in the merchandise stores and the credit card terminals are directly connected to the checkouts.

Central Voucher Management

  • Vouchers can be purchased and redeemed at all checkouts. Even partial redemptions can be realized due to fact, that the central voucher management requests live the current amounts to a voucher and returns it to the checkout.

Time Recording

  • Your employees can check in and out at the checkout. A change between stores and F&B kiosks is always possible. A graphical overview as well as an export of the fulltimes per employee are possible as well.

Design and durable Hardware

  • By UNIORG you can get the right hardware recommendation for each individual application. Merchandise stores with visual attractive checkout hardware and customer displays, as well as extreme durable checkout hardware for the food & beverage sector.

Standard Integration to SAP Business One

  • Due to the standard integration in SAP Business One with predefined scenarios on the B1i communication server you will get predefined processes and requirements realizations that were appropriate realized in several cases in common with a checkout solution and an ERP back end. You will also get the club-related data sovereignty, because all transaction will get to the central back end system.


SAP Event Ticketing

  • By the connection to SAP Event Ticketing you can use a consistent credit card payment system club-wide. This means for your club: 1 acquirer -> 1 invoice for all payment transactions in the club.


  • Due to the integration of SBO4Members members can be identified at the checkout and, for example, get a discount. Furthermore you can send birthday mailings by daily birthday lists, combined with discounts or vouchers.

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Feature Overview of the complete Solution

UNIORG SBO4SportsSAP Business OneSAP Event TicketingSAP Customer CheckoutSAP yC4C
Mixed shopping cart
360° view of members
Early bookers
Central voucher management
Holistic overview of advertising media
Special services for sponsors
Submission of licensing documents in time
Improvement of a club's cashflow
uniform credit card payment system
Campaign marketing
Social media reactions
Club-related data sovereignty
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