SAP® yC4C | Hybris Cloud for Customer

Customer Relationship Management thought ahead

graphical editing in REAL TIME
address omnipresent EXISTING CUSTOMERS
manage transparently NEW CUSTOMERS
multistage campaigns with CLICK RATE ANALYSIS
out-of-the-box MOBILITY

Features for your success

Clear cost control

  • Campaigns can be budgeted and evaluated afterwards by target-performance comparison and click rate analysis. Graphical representations are retrievable due to the SAP HANA technology in real time and you can create the type of presentation individually.

Address existing customers omnipresent

  • All of your customers can be segmented by certain criteria and can be addressed individually by their needs. In this way you will increase your click rates and generate appropriate awareness of your members.

Create multistage campaigns with click rate analysis

  • With the multistage campaign management you can specify decision trees to give your employees orientation.

Out-of-the-box mobility

  • The prized responsive design can be displayed on every device. A quick download, for example by app store or URL, will suffice to display the required information on the cell phone or table.

Manage new customers transparently

  • During acquisition of new members, sponsors or cooperation partners, you can retrace any time any actions, like mailings, phone calls or appointments. You will prevent duplications and support an individual interaction with your potential new customer.


SAP Business One

  • By the integration in SAP Business One you can even assign social media reactions to your members.

SAP Customer Checkout

  • By the connection to the checkout solution you can enrich your campaign marketing, e.g. automated birthday greetings, with discount codes, redeemable at the online shop directly.

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Feature Overview of the complete solution

UNIORG SBO4SportsSAP Business OneSAP Event TicketingSAP Customer CheckoutSAP yC4C
Mixed shopping cart
360° view of members
Early bookers
Central voucher server
Holistic overview of advertising media
Special services for sponsors
Submission of licensing documents in time
Improvement of a club's cashflow
Consistent credit card payment system
Campaign marketing
Social media reactions
Club related data sovereignty
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