Sponsors Administration

Features for your success

Easy creation of sponsoring agreements

  • Link sponsoring agreements with the business partner master data in accordance to the type of agreement/contract
  • Personalized contracts
  • Automated reminder management
  • Link to document entry
  • Administration of performance-based critera
  • Clear overview of all sponsoring activities
  • Display of the capacity of all advertising media
  • Automated agreement renewal management
  • Renewal wizard

Assumption of season tickets to the next season

  • Quick creation of contract documents
  • Non-binding creation of contract drafts
  • Creation of personalized contract documents
  • Quick exchange of variable contract modules
  • Integrated contract print

Capacity evaluation of advertising media

  • Link to all sponsoring agreements
  • Capacity of media
  • Amount of all booked media
  • Overview of revenues to the advertising media
  • Maintenance of advertising media to venues and competition
  • Jumps to items and business partner information
  • Wizard to determine the amount of advertising media per season

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SAP Event Ticketing

  • By the connection and integration of SAP ET as access control you are able to offer access to special locations, like VIP boxes or hospitality areas, to your premium sponsors.

SAP Customer Checkout

  • By the integration of SAP CCO sponsors can be identified at the checkout and can get discounts for example for special fan merchandise.


  • By the integration of SAP yC4C sponsors are able to be acquired centrally and can be personalized addressed for further sponsoring activities.

Feature Overview of SBO4Sports modules

360° view of members
Early bookers
Holistic overview of advertising media
Special services for sponsors
Submission of licensing documents in time
Improvement of a club's cashflow
Campaign marketing
Club related data sovereignty
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